Ativan refers to benzodiazepines. The drugs of this type are aimed at slowing down the activity of the central nervous system (CNS). Ativan helps to cope with seizures, relieves symptoms of nausea and vomiting in cancer treatment, reduces anxiety and helps to calm the patient before medical procedures. This drug can be addictive in case of prolonged reception. Carefully follow the dosage instructions.

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You mustn’t drive vehicles and engage in other potentially dangerous activities that require increased concentration of attention and speed of psychomotor reactions during treatment with Ativan and for 3 days after its completion.

Ativan, like benzodiazepines and drugs of similar action, can cause paradoxical reactions, such as psychomotor agitation, increased irritability, aggressiveness, nightmares, hallucinations, psychoses, somnambulism, depersonalization disorders, pronounced sleep disorders and other behavioral side effects. These reactions are much more common among elderly patients.

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Read also the opinion of our experts and consumers of the drug Ativan (lorazepam):

Ellie Lakeland Florida:

  • Due to the increase in adverse events in this age group, mainly a violation of orientation and coordination of movements, which can lead to loss of balance, Ativan should be taken with caution by patients with chronic respiratory failure, as benzodiazepines have a depressing effect on the respiratory center.

Scarlett Billings Montana:

  • Benzodiazepines and drugs of similar action should be taken with great caution by patients with anamnesis of alcohol or drug addiction. These patients should be under strict medical supervision while taking Ativan, because they are at risk of developing addiction, mental and physical dependence.

Layla Ann Arbor Michigan:

  • Ativan should be taken with great caution by patients with symptoms of depression. These patients may have suicidal thoughts. Due to the possibility of intentional overdose, these patients should be prescribed Ativan in the lowest possible doses. Also, benzodiazepines and drugs of similar action should not be taken as the only drug for the treatment of depression or anxiety associated with depression. Monotherapy with these drugs can increase suicidal tendencies.

Camila Berkeley California:

  • Ativan should be taken with caution by patients with a mild form of porphyria. The reception of the drug can lead to an increase in the symptoms of this disease. During prolonged therapy with the drug, periodic blood tests (morphological analysis with a smear) and urine analysis are indicated. No alcoholic beverages should be consumed during the treatment with Ativan and for another 3 days after its completion.

Penelope Richardson Texas:

  • Ativan, like benzodiazepines and drugs of similar action, can cause anterograde amnesia. This condition is most often observed within a few hours after taking the drug, especially in a large dose. If you want to minimize the risk of developing amnesia, it is recommended to take Ativan within half an hour before bedtime and provide conditions for continuous 7-8 hours of sleep.

Isla Broken Arrow Oklahoma:

  • If there is no relief of the symptoms of the disease after 7-14 days of taking the drug or if there is a relapse, then the patient should consult a doctor. Regular reception of benzodiazepines or drugs of similar action, including Ativan for several weeks, can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of their action as a result of the development of tolerance.

Delilah West Jordan Utah:

  • The reception of benzodiazepines or drugs of similar action can lead to the development of mental and physical drug dependence. The risk of developing dependence on Ativan increases with the dose and duration of treatment and increases among patients with alcohol and drug dependence, as well as among patients with dependence on other medical drugs.

Lucy Evansville Indiana:

  • Abrupt discontinuation of Ativan may lead to withdrawal syndrome in case of drug dependence. Characteristic manifestations of withdrawal syndrome are headache, increased irritability, muscle pain, psychomotor agitation and emotional tension, motor anxiety, confusion and disorientation, sleep disturbance.

Arya Manchester New Hampshire:

  • The reception of Ativan by pregnant women is allowed only if its reception by the mother has absolute indications, and the reception of a safer, alternative drug is impossible. The drug penetrates into the mother's milk. Therefore, if the intake of the drug is indicated for a nursing mother, it is necessary to stop breastfeeding.

Autumn Waterbury Connecticut:

  • The following symptoms may appear as a result of an overdose of Ativan: drowsiness, disorientation, slurred speech, and loss of consciousness or coma in severe cases. Poisoning caused by simultaneous intake of Ativan and alcohol or Ativan and other drugs with a depressing effect on the central nervous system can be life-threatening.

Kennedy Westminster Colorado:

  • It is not recommended to prescribe the drug to patients with psychoses. Due to the lactose content, the drug should not be taken by patients with hereditary lactose intolerance, Lapp lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Emery Las Cruces New Mexico:

  • Due to the sucrose content, Ativan should not be taken by patients with hereditary disorders associated with fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption syndrome or sucrase-isomaltase deficiency. Ativan must be taken under strict medical supervision.

Lyla Springfield Illinois:

  • After the end of treatment, the patient may suffer from a temporary relapse of symptoms of a more pronounced degree than those that were the cause of the initial treatment (the so-called rebound insomnia). These symptoms are often accompanied by mood changes, fear, anxiety, increased motor activity.

Sarah Gresham Oregon:

  • According to the statistics of research company, it is known the duration of symptomatic treatment of anxiety disorders should be limited to minimum - it usually ranges from a few days to 2 weeks. In individual cases, the treatment can be prolonged. The maximum duration of treatment, including the period of gradual withdrawal, should not exceed 4 weeks. Gradual withdrawal of the drug should be established individually for each patient. In individual cases, the doctor may decide to prolong the maximum treatment time after assessing the patient's condition.

Micah South Fulton Georgia:

  • Experts from have found out that elderly patients are more sensitive to drugs acting on the central nervous system. When Ativan is taken by these patients, it is recommended to prescribe the lowest possible effective dose. It is usually enough to apply half the dose prescribed to adults. If you decide to skip a dose of Ativan, the drug should be taken as soon as possible or you should continue taking the drug regularly.

Adrian Sparks Nevada:

  • Thanks to the developments of specialists from it was found out that the probability of developing withdrawal syndrome or the appearance of rebound insomnia increases with abrupt discontinuation of the drug. It is recommended to gradually reduce the dose of the drug in order to minimize the risk of such symptoms.