Take care of the patient and everything else will follow.

– Thomas First, MD

The Mission of the Missouri Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (MAFCC) is to be a resource for the free and charitable clinics by providing opportunities for collaboration, advocacy and resource development.

Find a Clinic in Your Area

Use our search tool to find a free or charitable clinic in your area. Each clinic will have its own criteria for qualification to receive free medical care, or care at lower cost on a sliding scale.

Why Local Communities Need MAFCC

Even basic healthcare has become unaffordable for people with modest income. Even with insurance, deductibles are so high, people cannot afford to seek care when they need it.

When people put off medical care, their illnesses take longer to end, or can become worse, or critical. They miss school or work, and can lose their jobs, and decline into financial ruin.

MAFCC's member network of free and charitable clinics helps people get quality healthcare at free or affordable prices. MAFCC supports the clinics that are working to make healthcare accessible to everyone who needs it.

When people are able to take care of their health, they're able to work and thrive and make our communities stronger.

Become a Member Clinic

As a member clinic, you will have access to a network of support and resources to help you succeed and better serve your community.

Support MAFCC Clinics

Be a part of the solution! Healthcare is too big of an issue for any one of us to fix, but each of us can have an impact. You can volunteer your time or donate to help us make healthcare more accessible to more people.